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Cool Folks!

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Hey guys, I wanted to throw out some links tonight that I believe you’ll be interested in if you’re following my blog. All these folks are super cool, great hikers/campers and overall lovers of life and I thought I’d give them a shout out!  In no particular order..

Stick’s Blog (www.sticksblog.com) (Youtube)
Fronkey (Facebook) (Youtube) Also check out Trevor’s a/k/a Fronkey’s kickstarter here.
Shug Emery (via Youtube)
Tony Hobbs (via Youtube)
Medicine Man time lapse (via Youtube)

Here are a few AT hiker’s we’re following this year:
Cavey’s – (Facebook)
Walking With Wired (Facebook)
Red beard (Youtube)


Countdown to Colorado

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The countdown has begun. T-36 hours until our departure to Colorado. We will be leaving tomorrow evening to start the journey. I think I have finalized what I am going to bring. I will list the gear below.

GoLite Trek 72L pack 32.7 oz.

Six Moon Designs Skyscape Scout tent 39.5 oz.

REI Mojave 15* down bag 39 oz.

Thermarest Z-Lite pad 13.7 oz.

Big Agnes Pumphouse Stuff Sack/Instaflator 4.8 oz

^ Black Diamond Headlamp, MSR Ti spoon, FAK, lighter, etc. 15.5 oz

Snow Peak Gigastove 3.75 oz

Snow Peak canister 4.5 oz

REI Minimalist Pot 6.3 oz

This a bit heavier than I normally carry, but I am unsure of some lighter options given the new area I will be in. Darrin is taking his alcohol setup and I am bringing a canister stove just as a “in case” item.

The following is my clothes items I intend to carry/use. The night temps in Ouray, Co. has been in the high 40’s this week. The reports I have read suggest to subtract about 10+ degrees for camping/hiking at the higher eleavtions in the area. So I am prepared for 30 degree temps.

Columbia Dri-Climate convertible pants

Smartwool wool socks

Patagonia Capilene 1 S/S

Patagonia Capilene 2 L/S

Marmot Dri-Clime jacket

Dri-Ducks UL 2 Rain Suit

Mont Bell UL Down Jacket

Asolo Matic boots

I will post some pics throughout the trip on my twitter feed (@jcravens), then I will do a complete trip report here when we return.



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After some downtime, we have re-launched the adventure blog. I personally have missed adding pictures and videos of our adventures to the blog. We will keep adding new stories and experiences along with re-adding old content. This blog will serve as an outlet for our crew of hikers, campers, backpackers, and outdoor enthusiasts to reflect on our times and maybe even inspire someone else.//