Ok all, I needed something to kick-start myself so this is it! Darrin and I are signed up for a local event that challenges us to do a marathon of trails all in the month of September. There are two sets of trails:

1) Fairfield Glade Trails and 2) Cumberland County Trails. The event is free and if you complete half of the trails you get a t-shirt and if you complete the whole marathon you get the shirt and a patch along with entry in a raffle for many prizes. I meant to post earlier on here about the event but real life got in the way.

We started earlier this week and have completed 3 trails so far out of 6 in the “Cumberland County Trails” section.

On Tuesday the opening day, we did the Centennial Park trail:
“I’ve hiked this trail before but it’s been a while. New to me was the Dog park and the trail leading up to Genesis Road. It was nice to explore some in a park that’s become familiar.” Runkeeper link here.

Wednesday, we did the 1.9 mile trail on top of Renegade Mountain:
“This was a nice trail in an area that hadn’t been developed yet for housing. Trail was well maintained and after missing a turn off, we backtracked and finished the trail with no issues.” In regards of why we missed the turn off (because signage is awesome), I was breathing too hard and I think Darrin was worried I might have a heart attack! :).  Runkeeper link here.

Thursday we did the Soldier’s Beach Trail at Meadow Park:
“This is one that I found a few months ago but haven’t had a chance to hike. It was a fairly level trail and it was a nice hike. We found that this area used to be a local swimming hole back in the day. Good place to take the family on a nice and easy hike.”  Runkeeper link here.


Next week we hope to finish up with the Pioneer Short and Pioneer Long trails along with the Black Mountain Loop trail.

Just a note on past experience:
“I’ve done both the short and long Pioneer trail and it’s just a great trail. I call it my “training” trail for longer hikes. I’ve done the Black Mountain Loop trail to the “steps” and have branched off to the trail that leads off to hwy. 68 to continue on to the Brady Mountain area to Jewett Rd.” It’ll be nice to finally do the whole loop there and checkout the Northern Overlook!

I’ll post more as we progress! Thank you all for reading!