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Hey guys, I wanted to throw out some links tonight that I believe you’ll be interested in if you’re following my blog. All these folks are super cool, great hikers/campers and overall lovers of life and I thought I’d give them a shout out!  In no particular order..

Stick’s Blog (www.sticksblog.com) (Youtube)
Fronkey (Facebook) (Youtube) Also check out Trevor’s a/k/a Fronkey’s kickstarter here.
Shug Emery (via Youtube)
Tony Hobbs (via Youtube)
Medicine Man time lapse (via Youtube)

Here are a few AT hiker’s we’re following this year:
Cavey’s – (Facebook)
Walking With Wired (Facebook)
Red beard (Youtube)


Overnighter at Big South Fork O&W Bridge Trail!

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The fellas and I finally got back out on the trail for an over night camping trip. Real life, time schedules, etc.. has kept us from an overnight for far too long. Kelvin, Darrin and I were lucky enough to get out of work early and were able to hike in, setup camp, and gather firewood before Jason came in. Jason came in solo and was able to get into camp around dusk. We sat around for a little bit and started feeling rain drops and seeing flashes of lightning in the distance. You see..Jason has this bad habit of bringing in the rain on almost all over night camping trips he’s a part of. He didn’t disappoint on this trip! Jason quickly setup his tent and by that time everyone was taking shelter from the rain. I hadn’t brought any rain gear, so I went inside my tent while the other guys got under Darrin’s tarp. We all sat (I lied down) down and just BS’ed for about an hour or so, I believe Darrin ate the whole time. He brought in about 3 lbs of food and I believe he was trying to lighten the load for the hike out the next day.

Late night brought clear skies and the moon. It was very bright, but later on in the morning the clouds moved in and it started to rain again. The morning was foggy and I decided to walked down to the O&W Bridge to see the sun trying to burn off the fog. The rest of the morning was spent hanging out, eating pan cakes and just chilling before hiking out to the trail head.

Pic’s of the trip…




Setting up camp.  Darrin and Kelvin like to hang from trees.  I’m thinking they are more evolved than I am. 🙂





Heading out to filter water for the evening.



This area is very popular so finding wood is a bit of a challenge.  We ventured out of camp a ways and found a couple dead trees that we cut up into pieces and pulled down into camp.  Darrin a/k/a McGyver has his homemade saw which came in very handy.





Kelvin supervising and me documenting the supervising.





Ah, we made Fire!!!



Morning in the REI Half Dome Plus.  Love the extra room but not the weight.  I’m probably going to find a lighter two man version of this.  Also the O&W bridge right before the sun burnt the fog away.  Very nice hearing this river all night and being able to walk out to it in the morning.












Stopped by the visitor center and picked up a good map of the area.



Video of the trip below: