Abrams Falls 2/23/13

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This is a trail that is in the Great Smoky Mountains in the Cades Cove area that is a very nice hike with plenty to see as you make your way to the falls. This was a trip that we were suppose to do earlier in the year but things come up and didn’t get to go. It was suppose to be Jason, Darrin, Kelvin, and myself but it turns out on this trip it was just me and Darrin. We did get to drive through Cades Cove and see all the beauty of the surrounding mountains and the wildlife.



So once we get around halfway in it is time for us to turn on our road that leads us to the trail head.




This trail went up and down quite a bit and I think it took us about a hour to get back to the falls.


The falls itself wasn’t very tall but there was a massive amount of water that was flowing from it.





Here is a picture of the elevation of the trail.

It was a great day we got here early and had the falls all to ourselves for about a hour, but on the way out I bet we passed close to 75 people going down to the falls. Now I will show you a video of the falls…..

All in all it was another great day for hiking and can’t wait to get back to the Great Smoky Mountains to do some more trails. So until next time see ya on the trail…..Tommy


Behind on Posting!

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Well, it has been a bit since I last posted but I have been really busy with Baseball season starting up so I am going to do two different posts of two different hikes.
 The first hike that I am going to post about is my old faithful spot that is right you guessed it Laurel Falls in Dayton,Tn. We done this hike on 2/9/13 and it was a very nice day! I took my brother on this hike for he had not done this particular trail before.


There is a lot of things to see as you hike along this trail there is a nice creek that runs along the route to the Falls and many places to stop and check out.




The one thing that always amazes me on this trail is how massive the rocks are that we get to see. After we have hiked close to a hour we are at the falls and on this day it was flowing very good everywhere.


The thing about this next picture I took this one and the next thing I know I look up and my brother had went for a swim not intentionally either! LOL!!!




All in all though we had a great day of hiking and we topped it off with a trip to Moogie’s BBQ right down the road. So until next time I will see you on the trail….Tommy