Why do I hike? I recently read an article along the same lines as this so I said to myself, why do I hike? It is rather simple really. I love getting out and seeing all the great natural beauties that are out there in this area. From the great mountains that I have seen along the way to the beautiful waterfalls cascading down. Now at some point I am wanting to try and do more than just a overnight backpacking trip, but haven’t made it to that point yet due to just being so busy with my everyday life. So I really don’t know how I would hold up on a multi-day backpacking trip, but I so want to find out. Enough about that for now but one of the reasons that I have found to be true about hiking is that there is such an solitude and calmness while on these adventures that words are just hard to describe the feeling as you are out there in the woods resting along side a mountain stream just listening to the water just passing by, it is so calming and makes you relax. From the camaraderie with my friends and just not having a worry or care in the world for that moment in time. As you are away from all the modern technology that the world has to offer these days, which are many, it is like you are threw back in time by having to depend on what the land gives to you in one sort of way. You also are putting your body through a vigorous torment to get to that place to get your pay off, which is the pin ultimate when you get to the end and get to admire such beauty. There are many days right after the hikes that I can hardly walk but looking back I would not change a thing about it. So this is just a few of my thoughts on why I hike and there is probably some more I could think of but I think that is all for now. So why do you hike? Let us know some of your thoughts and comments on the subject. I will leave you with a few of my pics and videos of hikes that I have been on and let us know what you think. So until then hope to see you on the trail…..

Big South Fork Honey Creek Overlook Winter Overnighter

Me at the Cliff Tops at Mount LeConte Great Smoky Mountains

View on way to Mount LeConte

Laurel Falls Dayton,Tn Over Nighter

Me on top of Laurel Falls Dayton,Tn

Top of Laurel Falls Dayton,Tn

Tents at Laurel Falls Dayton,Tn

Laurel Falls Area

Myrtle Point Mount LeConte

Cliff Tops Mount LeConte

So yeah this is why I hike! How about you? Have a great day and we will see you on the trail…..